Allhaven: A Mouseguard Tale

The Red Fur Brigade

Whose mission is to treat all creates, great and small with compassion, dignity and charity in times of need.

Gwyneth, when Alger knocked on her door, appeared consumed with maps of the tunnels that were discovered underground. Briefly glancing at the map, Alger noticed an area with a large section not filled in with much, if any, detail.

“Yes?”, Gwyneth prompted Alger from his gaze into the room.

“Uh, I’m wanting your permission to help with those that have been impacted by the current fear, how it looks like there will be conflict soon and to help ensure all creature’s safety.”

“So, this would be a altruist program of some sort… Like the Guard?”

“Yes’m. The Guard helps the mouse community a great deal and those around it however if conflict breaks out as it apparently has in some isolated spots, I’m sure the guard will take to arms. I’m just hoping to help those in need.”

Gwenyth scratches fur on her chin, giving Algernon a glance over. “The Guard helps those in need, Algernon. Do you feel that we are not rendering proper aide to those in need?” She lifts her paw from the map, letting it curl itself up as she turns her full attention to the guardmouse.

“My mum always told me stories her Pa told her of what happens during war. Of the creatures impacted by the ravages of it. There’s righteousness in war however it does impact everyone. I’m just hoping to do right.”

“And that is noble of you! I am concerned, however, that you think the Guard will simply wage a conflict against those that would harm our communities and not pool resources to assist them in the aftermath as well.” Gwenyth twitches an ear slightly. “Is there something I am missing in my reports, Patroller Algernon?”

Algernon started and then slowed himself, “But what happens to those that are behind enemy lines? What happens to those the guard can’t reach? With the Red Brigade being neutral they’ll be able to reach them. They’ll be able to help where the guard can’t. I’ve seen the individuals at the farm. the stories that have been passed down of those who have fought before me and the ignobility of war. "

Gwenyth lofted a brow at the patroller. “Neutral? Ignobility?” Her expression hardened ever so slightly as she circled around her desk. “You’ve been a bit too comfortable with life within the confines of the territories, it seems. Do you think a weasel will readily accept or even allow such aid?”

“We have to try. I’ve heard of a guard member considering one of them a friend, it doesn’t hurt to ask. And even if they don’t, some of their allies may.”

Gwenyth pinched the bridge of her snout. “Yes, Patroller Laramy has attempted such, but I’ll tell you the same thing I told her: If you attempt to establish contact and parlay, it is not officially sanctioned by the Guard and your life is in your own hands.” The Guard Captain scratches at the grey fur on her brow. “Not every creature can be befriended or tamed with careful words and extended kindness.”

Gwenyth huffs, beginning to pace the room. “What did you have in mind for this… ‘Brigade’? Are you asking for Guard resources?”

“Resources in the form of first aid supplies and a few volunteer guard who are willing to illustrate to our fellow citizens that they can help with the coming conflict in a non-combat role.”

Algernon stopped, waiting for Gwyneth’s reply. Then suddenly remembering, he rummaged in his pockets finding a paper with scrawled writing.

The Guard Captain took the hastily drafted charter in paw, glancing over it. “Patroller, you don’t need my permission to bring aid to others. Your best option is to talk with Abbot Gregor about this. He and the Abbey Fellows do this sort of thing already, perhaps without the derring-do and putting themselves in abject danger…”

She pauses to read over the charter, the claws on her paw quietly tapping on the wooden floor. “Organize this with Gregor and find some volunteers… I’ll have someone take stock of what supplies we have, but I cannot promise the supplies are a given, when so much leaves our current stores already. Once you have your ‘brigade’ organized, we can discuss supplies a bit more, and clarify some of your wording here… Unless you are retiring from the Guard, you and any others that volunteer are still Patrollers, first and foremost.”

“My uncle is guard, my father was a guard, my father’s father was a guard. I am a guard mouse. I am a patroller. I’ll talk with Gregor more about this endeavor and help him when I am not on patrol.”

Gwenyth gave the Patroller a thin smile. “See that you do. Just keep in mind that not everyone is willing to move beyond their nature… Dismissed, Algernon.”

The paper read:

Red Fur Brigade
whose mission is to treat all creatures, great and small, with compassion, dignity, and charity in times of need.

Guidelines: *
1. Display of the Red Brigade emblem shall be prominently displayed to indicate non-combatants around any area that may be hostile to any creature – on the field or off. Creatures actings as members of the Red Brigade shall not carry any equipment nor help to further or deter any conflict. Members are only present to render medical and altruist aid.
2. Display of the Red Brigade symbol shall only be displayed by those creatures acting under the authority of the Red Brigade.
3. The Red brigade symbol shall not be used to aid in, or hinder any war or conflict activities.
4. All creatures, regardless of injury, size, species reputation or prior actions shall be assisted equally by the Red brigade.
5. The Red Brigade, may, at its discretion, choose to remove themselves from an area due to the risk of injury or death to members of the Red Brigade. Removal of members from those areas is as a safety measure and in no way should be interpreted as support for any side in conflict or dispute.
6. All members of the Red Brigade should be considered non-combatants and should not be attacked. Free reign should be given to their movements and only brief detentions should be made of members of the Red Brigade and their equipment.


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