Allhaven: A Mouseguard Tale

Love Letters vol. 2: As The Heat Rises, I Lie Awake, Wishing For A Different Kind of Warmth

Beloved Juliet, sweet as spring’s first blossom,

If I was worried I’d be bored here in Allhaven, I was terribly mistaken. We’ve had several adventures, and if I’m honest, even I’ve been shaken by what’s happened. We’re living in strange times, Juliet, and I can’t predict what will come of them.

I’ll start with the lightest subject. Somehow – and you must promise not to be jealous, Juliet, crackling fire amidst the winter gale, because you know my heart has always belonged to you – I seem to have gotten myself a suitor. I received a whole pile of jewelry a few weeks ago from another chipmunk in this our little town. I know gifts are supposed to be a “thing” for us chipfolk, but this really did seem overmuch, considering all I know of this fellow is he makes a fine soup. I’m not looking forward to turning him down, but at least I’ll have all of this stuff off my paws.

I know you’ll be shocked, but I have worse news still than some bloke chasing after me. I don’t know how much I’m really allowed to tell you, but- well- I can’t keep things from you. Things have been going very wrong here, Juliet. Weasels are coming. We’ve had quite a few run-ins with them now, and we’ve uncovered correspondence saying they plan to take Darkheather back. Juliet, bracing wind across the moors, I don’t know what I’d do if I lost this place. This wilderness and you are the only home I know. Even if I survived an invasion, it would be with half my heart torn away.

I hope you’ll laugh at what I say next, because you of all people know I can never be anything but myself. I’ve managed to become something of an ambassador. Do you remember the least weasels who attacked my scent-laying patrol? Well, I’m working on a friendship with them. Or what will one day be a friendship, anyway. You really are laughing now, I can tell. They’re not bad people, Juliet. They’re just trying to live another day in the heather, like any of us are. Aside from the time they ambushed us, I’ve met with them twice. They’re greedy, and terribly reserved, but they honor their promises. They say they work for a mercenary. They act very high and mighty about it, but I think they’re afraid of him. I know you’re giving me that look, but I feel bad for them. They’re stuck with an employer who could eat them at any moment. And would, by the sound of it. Juliet, lily at the water’s edge, you know me better than anyone. You know I can’t just let them live in fear.

I’m proud of my progress with the least weasel sisters, but I worry it won’t be enough. Allhaven is just about swimming in fear and foul temper, and we can all feel the threat of more weasels as spring continues on. My contacts seem to be decent folk in their own way, but there are much worse things afoot. There are weasels keeping slaves, Juliet. All kinds of creatures bound up in collars and chains. It’s sickening.You know how hesitant I am to turn to violence, but I can’t just let this happen. A part of me is glad you’re in the mouse territories, far from all this. But I must admit that, selfishly, I want you here. I wish I could tell you all this face to face, so that after I had finally worn myself out of talking you could tell me the pollen had gotten into my brain and promise everything would be alright.Your sword would catch the sunlight as you prepared to fight off whatever enemy dared to so much as imagine attacking us, and I would see you as some avenging spirit, or Justice herself.

Forgive me if I’ve gone too far over my quota for long-winded nonsense. Your absence and the stress of all this have turned me into some loose repository of disjointed words. I hope I’ll hear from you soon and learn all about your own adventures. Amid this talk of war and dangerous expeditions, you remain my guiding light.

With all my love,


Jherden fishboi

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