Laramy Twice-Bitten


Laramy was always ready for an adventure, often to her detriment. As a very young chipmunk, she wantered too far from her home in Ravensfield and was swooped upon by squirrels. That would have been the end of her if not for a pair of compassionate ravens. Having recently lost their own egg to squirrels, Joseph and Fareeha rescued the tiny rodent and brought her back to their nest. They raised her as their own, teaching her to protect the nest and scavenge wolf-kill remains. Despite all the trouble it got her into, Laramy’s wanderlust only grew stronger over the years, and eventually she had to bid her adoptive parents goodbye and seek her own fortune.

Laramy has spent most of her life wandering between Darkheather and the Mouse Territories, meeting strange creatures and (to hear her tell it) hopping from one larger-than-life adventure to the next. She swears up and down that her best friend is a moose named Luna, who had to leave several years ago for reasons unknown. The truth of her tales is… questionable to say the least, but she certainly does have a knack for finding and communicating with animals that most mice, chipmunks, and skinks would run from in terror.

In her travels, Laramy often came across the Mouse Guard. While she respected their code of honor and their dedication to their people, she would often scoff at their obedience to authority and the regimented way they lived their lives. Her perspective changed some six years ago, when she was severely wounded by a sudden avalanche. It was lucky for her that a Mouse Guard patrol happened to pass by not long after. Though she wasn’t of the Territories, the guards saw an injured creature and took it upon themselves to help,bringing her to Capulet, a master healer in Lockhaven. Under her care, Laramy made a slow but full recovery, and even picked up some skill in healing. She also grew close with Juliet, a young mouse apprenticing under Capulet in the hopes of joining the Mouse Guard.Though she still didn’t believe the Guard life was for her, Laramy had a new regard for the Guardsmice who saved her life. And if someone as wonderful as Juliet was part of the Guard, there must be something truly wonderful about them as well.

Juliet went on to become a Tenderpaw. Laramy went on to become a nuisance who, despite her respect for the Mouse Guard, was all too happy to pull Juliet away from her work. Juliet’s mentor was (understandably) unhappy with this, calling Laramy a bad influence and warning Juliet that she’d never be promoted to a full Guardmouse if she didn’t get serious. Eventually, Laramy backed off (for the most part), and Juliet did become a well-respected Guardmouse. The two of them still see each other as often as they can, though Juliet’s patrol schedule and Laramy’s nomadic lifestyle mean they’re apart most of the time.

Allhaven is the first proper town where Laramy has stayed for any length of time since her injury. She’s intrigued by the work the Guard is doing in the Darkheather territories and, despite some reservations, thinks the expansion of the scent border is a good idea. She’s excited to be part of this new adventure, especially if it means meeting amazing new friends!

Laramy Twice-Bitten

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