Shield Mouse


Alma has brown fur and looks like an average wood mouse with larger than normal ears, one of which is stitched together from a past fight.

Alma is a senior Guard member who hails from Lockhaven, born of one of the many families with a longstanding history in the Guard. Before being assigned to Allhaven, Alma regularly volunteered for patrols beyond the Lockhaven circuit and assisted training tenderpaws.
When Alma is not participating in guard duties she can be found in the smitheries of Allhaven assisting with the creation of smithed building materials or making repairs to damaged gear. On the rare occasion that Alma isn’t working for the guard or helping with the settlements, she enjoys a warm meal and a quiet space to work on her armor or on the rare occasion caught working on jewelry.


Allhaven: A Mouseguard Tale Jherden Starierose