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Love Letters vol. 2: As The Heat Rises, I Lie Awake, Wishing For A Different Kind of Warmth

Beloved Juliet, sweet as spring’s first blossom,

If I was worried I’d be bored here in Allhaven, I was terribly mistaken. We’ve had several adventures, and if I’m honest, even I’ve been shaken by what’s happened. We’re living in strange times, Juliet, and I can’t predict what will come of them.

I’ll start with the lightest subject. Somehow – and you must promise not to be jealous, Juliet, crackling fire amidst the winter gale, because you know my heart has always belonged to you – I seem to have gotten myself a suitor. I received a whole pile of jewelry a few weeks ago from another chipmunk in this our little town. I know gifts are supposed to be a “thing” for us chipfolk, but this really did seem overmuch, considering all I know of this fellow is he makes a fine soup. I’m not looking forward to turning him down, but at least I’ll have all of this stuff off my paws.

I know you’ll be shocked, but I have worse news still than some bloke chasing after me. I don’t know how much I’m really allowed to tell you, but- well- I can’t keep things from you. Things have been going very wrong here, Juliet. Weasels are coming. We’ve had quite a few run-ins with them now, and we’ve uncovered correspondence saying they plan to take Darkheather back. Juliet, bracing wind across the moors, I don’t know what I’d do if I lost this place. This wilderness and you are the only home I know. Even if I survived an invasion, it would be with half my heart torn away.

I hope you’ll laugh at what I say next, because you of all people know I can never be anything but myself. I’ve managed to become something of an ambassador. Do you remember the least weasels who attacked my scent-laying patrol? Well, I’m working on a friendship with them. Or what will one day be a friendship, anyway. You really are laughing now, I can tell. They’re not bad people, Juliet. They’re just trying to live another day in the heather, like any of us are. Aside from the time they ambushed us, I’ve met with them twice. They’re greedy, and terribly reserved, but they honor their promises. They say they work for a mercenary. They act very high and mighty about it, but I think they’re afraid of him. I know you’re giving me that look, but I feel bad for them. They’re stuck with an employer who could eat them at any moment. And would, by the sound of it. Juliet, lily at the water’s edge, you know me better than anyone. You know I can’t just let them live in fear.

I’m proud of my progress with the least weasel sisters, but I worry it won’t be enough. Allhaven is just about swimming in fear and foul temper, and we can all feel the threat of more weasels as spring continues on. My contacts seem to be decent folk in their own way, but there are much worse things afoot. There are weasels keeping slaves, Juliet. All kinds of creatures bound up in collars and chains. It’s sickening.You know how hesitant I am to turn to violence, but I can’t just let this happen. A part of me is glad you’re in the mouse territories, far from all this. But I must admit that, selfishly, I want you here. I wish I could tell you all this face to face, so that after I had finally worn myself out of talking you could tell me the pollen had gotten into my brain and promise everything would be alright.Your sword would catch the sunlight as you prepared to fight off whatever enemy dared to so much as imagine attacking us, and I would see you as some avenging spirit, or Justice herself.

Forgive me if I’ve gone too far over my quota for long-winded nonsense. Your absence and the stress of all this have turned me into some loose repository of disjointed words. I hope I’ll hear from you soon and learn all about your own adventures. Amid this talk of war and dangerous expeditions, you remain my guiding light.

With all my love,

Letter from Jonathan, leader of the Chirp-web, to Gwenyth

Dear Gwenyth,
Thank you so much for the help you sent us. They were extremely effective, and performed a great service for us. I did want to raise a couple of concerns we had about their methods, as well as a personnel issue we’d like you to address.

As you probably know by now, your group captured a weasel, and interrogated him. We found their methods a bit disturbing. I realize that Maureen’s use of poison ivy as a booby trap might have given them ideas, but using it, um, as an interrogation device was going a bit far. (They used poison ivy on him. They made him stare at the salve. It was disturbing.) I’m not convinced that there wasn’t a better way to approach this. In the future, we’ll want to handle all questioning within Chippendale. And we’ll want some assurances before we turn over any other prisoners we might capture.

Additionally, one of your people left a note purporting to be from another of your people, in which they hit on my second in command, Maureen. Maureen is mated, and she and her mate are in a long-term monogamous relationship. (It’s really sweet how they’ve been able to keep the sparkle for so long. I don’t know that the “for life” thing is something I’d ever really want, but she and Jared do make a good case for it. But I digress.) Maureen was very annoyed by this, and wants it to stop immediately (she told me I was to underline that twice) . Please make it clear to your people that our mating practices are not a joking matter.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I feel it’s important that we maintain open communications so that we can continue to maintain a good relationship. Thank you for all your help, and we look forward to returning the favor soon.


The Red Fur Brigade
Whose mission is to treat all creates, great and small with compassion, dignity and charity in times of need.

Gwyneth, when Alger knocked on her door, appeared consumed with maps of the tunnels that were discovered underground. Briefly glancing at the map, Alger noticed an area with a large section not filled in with much, if any, detail.

“Yes?”, Gwyneth prompted Alger from his gaze into the room.

“Uh, I’m wanting your permission to help with those that have been impacted by the current fear, how it looks like there will be conflict soon and to help ensure all creature’s safety.”

“So, this would be a altruist program of some sort… Like the Guard?”

“Yes’m. The Guard helps the mouse community a great deal and those around it however if conflict breaks out as it apparently has in some isolated spots, I’m sure the guard will take to arms. I’m just hoping to help those in need.”

Gwenyth scratches fur on her chin, giving Algernon a glance over. “The Guard helps those in need, Algernon. Do you feel that we are not rendering proper aide to those in need?” She lifts her paw from the map, letting it curl itself up as she turns her full attention to the guardmouse.

“My mum always told me stories her Pa told her of what happens during war. Of the creatures impacted by the ravages of it. There’s righteousness in war however it does impact everyone. I’m just hoping to do right.”

“And that is noble of you! I am concerned, however, that you think the Guard will simply wage a conflict against those that would harm our communities and not pool resources to assist them in the aftermath as well.” Gwenyth twitches an ear slightly. “Is there something I am missing in my reports, Patroller Algernon?”

Algernon started and then slowed himself, “But what happens to those that are behind enemy lines? What happens to those the guard can’t reach? With the Red Brigade being neutral they’ll be able to reach them. They’ll be able to help where the guard can’t. I’ve seen the individuals at the farm. the stories that have been passed down of those who have fought before me and the ignobility of war. "

Gwenyth lofted a brow at the patroller. “Neutral? Ignobility?” Her expression hardened ever so slightly as she circled around her desk. “You’ve been a bit too comfortable with life within the confines of the territories, it seems. Do you think a weasel will readily accept or even allow such aid?”

“We have to try. I’ve heard of a guard member considering one of them a friend, it doesn’t hurt to ask. And even if they don’t, some of their allies may.”

Gwenyth pinched the bridge of her snout. “Yes, Patroller Laramy has attempted such, but I’ll tell you the same thing I told her: If you attempt to establish contact and parlay, it is not officially sanctioned by the Guard and your life is in your own hands.” The Guard Captain scratches at the grey fur on her brow. “Not every creature can be befriended or tamed with careful words and extended kindness.”

Gwenyth huffs, beginning to pace the room. “What did you have in mind for this… ‘Brigade’? Are you asking for Guard resources?”

“Resources in the form of first aid supplies and a few volunteer guard who are willing to illustrate to our fellow citizens that they can help with the coming conflict in a non-combat role.”

Algernon stopped, waiting for Gwyneth’s reply. Then suddenly remembering, he rummaged in his pockets finding a paper with scrawled writing.

The Guard Captain took the hastily drafted charter in paw, glancing over it. “Patroller, you don’t need my permission to bring aid to others. Your best option is to talk with Abbot Gregor about this. He and the Abbey Fellows do this sort of thing already, perhaps without the derring-do and putting themselves in abject danger…”

She pauses to read over the charter, the claws on her paw quietly tapping on the wooden floor. “Organize this with Gregor and find some volunteers… I’ll have someone take stock of what supplies we have, but I cannot promise the supplies are a given, when so much leaves our current stores already. Once you have your ‘brigade’ organized, we can discuss supplies a bit more, and clarify some of your wording here… Unless you are retiring from the Guard, you and any others that volunteer are still Patrollers, first and foremost.”

“My uncle is guard, my father was a guard, my father’s father was a guard. I am a guard mouse. I am a patroller. I’ll talk with Gregor more about this endeavor and help him when I am not on patrol.”

Gwenyth gave the Patroller a thin smile. “See that you do. Just keep in mind that not everyone is willing to move beyond their nature… Dismissed, Algernon.”

The paper read:

Red Fur Brigade
whose mission is to treat all creatures, great and small, with compassion, dignity, and charity in times of need.

Guidelines: *
1. Display of the Red Brigade emblem shall be prominently displayed to indicate non-combatants around any area that may be hostile to any creature – on the field or off. Creatures actings as members of the Red Brigade shall not carry any equipment nor help to further or deter any conflict. Members are only present to render medical and altruist aid.
2. Display of the Red Brigade symbol shall only be displayed by those creatures acting under the authority of the Red Brigade.
3. The Red brigade symbol shall not be used to aid in, or hinder any war or conflict activities.
4. All creatures, regardless of injury, size, species reputation or prior actions shall be assisted equally by the Red brigade.
5. The Red Brigade, may, at its discretion, choose to remove themselves from an area due to the risk of injury or death to members of the Red Brigade. Removal of members from those areas is as a safety measure and in no way should be interpreted as support for any side in conflict or dispute.
6. All members of the Red Brigade should be considered non-combatants and should not be attacked. Free reign should be given to their movements and only brief detentions should be made of members of the Red Brigade and their equipment.

A Restless Night
Worried About Weasels

Daffyd Brightstar tossed and turned in his small garret apartment. Every time he closed his eyes, he’d get a flash of the weasels chasing him through the rain, or fleeing through the caves. He grit his teeth, choking back the bitter feeling of failure. Twice now he’d come face to face with a weasel, and twice he’d fled. This is not why he’d come to the Darkheather. He’d come to explore new lands, to bravely advance the mouse territories, to make the name Brightstar mean something for his deeds rather than resting on the laurels of his forebears.

Daffyd sighed, then sat up in bed. He’d get no sleep tonight. The weasels were coming, and what could he do? His mother would make some stirring speech, and his father would write his influential friends, and between them they’d muster the power to do something about the situation. Daffyd looked toward his writing desk. Should he write them? Lockhaven might send more Mouseguards, or even raise the army to secure their colonies. Or…ah, and there’s the rub…they might declare the whole situation a failure and call their wayward children back home. Daffyd knew the politicians of Lockhaven were a conservative lot, and many had spoken against the wisdom of setting up colonies in the Darkhaven in the first place. His mother might even join them, with her son’s life on the line.

No, for the moment this was Allhaven’s problem, and Allhaven would deal with it. Daffyd rose and went to the desk, but rather than pulling out a blank sheet of paper for a letter, he pulled out the vellums containing his maps from Chippendale. He’d returned the maps Annika and Maxine had made, but he could still remember many of the features from his journeys through the cave and on the surface. Plus, he could have Maxine look things over in the morning. However the Mouseguard was going to deal with these weasels, Captain Gwenyth would benefit from some high quality maps of their tunnels.

Darkheather Diplomacy
We didn't die even a little bit!!
information here." She glared at Nell for a moment, then turned back to Laramy. “Would you like to arrange a follow-up meeting? When you have our outfits?”

Laramy contemplated for a moment. Could she convince Gwyneth to give her two fancy outfits, for official ambassador business? “Sure,” she said. “But I’ll need some kind of assurance we’ll get actual information for them, not more of the dodging you’ve been giving us.”

“We’ll give you our word as weasels,” said Ottillie. Then, after a long silence, she said, “We’ll bring physical evidence.”

“It’s a deal,” Laramy said, offering a paw to each twin.

“Weasels don’t shake. It’s a safety issue,” said Ottillie. “Done deal.”

“Done deal,” Nell repeated.

“Done deal,” said Laramy, dropping her paws.

“Seriously, your next words would be, ‘Ow! My other leg!’” Nell said. “Enzo. Will. Eat. You. Don’t approach him.”

Much later that night, Misty and Laramy lay sleeping among the roots of a tree. They would save the strategizing for when they got back home. For now, they would rest for tomorrow’s journey home. Night-creatures stirred around them, and the stars moved slowly overhead. In the cool night, Darkheather seemed to breathe, the forest taking on a life of its own away from the sun’s glare. But Laramy and Misty had done a hard days work, and they were too fast asleep to notice any of it.

And if something slithered through the tunnels underneath them- if something was even now making its slow, sinuous way towards Allhaven – that was a fight for another day.

For Captain Gwenyth's Eyes Only
A Report on the Chippendale Catacombs (a.k.a "Just Don't")

Hello Captain Gwenyth,

While on a recent supply run to Chippendale, our patrol was intercepted by a Mouseguard Messenger and tasked with retrieving moss from the caves below Chippendale which could serve as an allergy medication. We made contact with a local cartographer named Maxine, who provided highly detailed maps of the caves with one notable exception. A large blank area in the middle of the caves was left blank, labeled only as “Just Don’t.” Maxine proved evasive in answering precisely why you “Just Don’t,” but broke down under repeated questioning and revealed that she had discovered body parts in that region when she was young.

While the patrol agreed that it is important to observe the local’s wishes with regard to their territorial sovereignty, reports of scattered body parts raised an alarm. The patrol felt it was our duty to investigate “Just Don’t” and determine if there was an ongoing danger to Chippendale from these catacombs.

The patrol penetrated some distance into the caves before coming to the entrance to “Just Don’t”, and it was not long after we entered that unmapped area that we discovered the first set of remains. A chipmunk skull and what appeared to be dried flesh were scattered along the tunnel. Further remains were discovered as we explored the tunnel further, and eventually the tunnel opened up into a large chamber with an opening to the sky. At the center of this chamber was a large pile of remains, arranged as if they’d been in a pyramid before time and water had collapsed the structure. The room itself was worked with strange markings foreign to mouse or chipmunk civilization. A sketch of these is enclosed, as well as a rough map of the region.

The patrol encountered a young chipmunk attempting to enter the area as we left, and we were soon accosted by the child’s parents. They accused us of entering their home. Given the well-known territorial instincts of chipmunks, the patrol feared that the altercation may turn violent. We were able to talk the parents down by agreeing to complete our mission with the moss and immediately leave the area. While the agitation of these citizens was understandable given the circumstances of their child’s disappearance, it also raised suspicions about the source of the remains in the larger chamber. It is possible that some territorial chipmunk may have been murdering intruders and leaving their remains as a warning to others.

Our patrol was unable to confirm or eliminate this possibility, nor were we able to find any other explanation for the pile of remains and strange markings. Another possibility is that this was a catacomb and place of the honored dead, especially given the age of the remains. No fresh remains were discovered in the patrol’s explorations, though there were signs of spiders hunting in the region. Given the sensitivity of the locals to the area as well the lack of evidence for immediate peril from “Just Don’t”, the patrol determined that it was best to avoid confrontation at that time. However, it seemed prudent to file this report in case further evidence arises that some threat may live in “Just Don’t.”

—Daffyd Brightstar

Letter from Maxine to DuJacques
Courting is hard, especially when you have friends

Dear DuJacques,
It was nice to meet you during the festival. Did you happen to leave me a token? The note said you did, but some things about it didn’t seem…like you? Also, I’ve been around enough mice to have found out that their courting habits aren’t quite like chipmunk courting habits, so maybe they were being go-betweens, which would explain their lack of understanding about how tokens work, but then maybe tokens work differently where you’re from. (Mouse Territory, right? It seems like somewhere in Mouse Territory, but if I’m wrong that’s totally cool. I like meeting people from all over.)

So in Chippendale, we generally have at least one one-on-one conversation before tokens are exchanged? So if you did leave a token I would need us to do that before I would feel right about accepting it? And of course if you didn’t then we would definitely need to have at least one one-on-one conversation before we did anything courting related if you even wanted to do anything courting related and you will not hurt my feelings if you don’t want to do anything courting related, after all you barely know me.

Anyway, if you could tell me what the deal is I would appreciate it, and if this is a mouse courting ritual could you explain it to me? I hang out with mice a lot and it’s important that I know these things.

Chirp at you later | `v´ |

Metamorphic progress
a report on the Reflooring of the storehouse

Dear Captain Gwenyth and to any other that it may concern,

I am pleased to inform you that the process of replacing the floor of the storeroom is nearly complete. I am thankful for the Guard’s assistance and gladdened at the willingness of the citizenry of Allhaven to volunteers for this project.

There were some minor issues with slight errors during the beginning of the implementation due to a lack of skill form laborers, but everyone was willing to learn and those mistakes were corrected with little problem and stopped happening after the first few phases. There were also some minor logistical errors, due to my initial estimates of the replenishment rate of stores being too low because of the bountiful harvest we have had thus far, but they were addressed and solved with little issue and I apologize to the administrative staff for Allhaven for any issues I have caused due to my calculation errors.

While the project has been complete, there is something that has me minorly concerned. This project has left the supplies of workable stone and other building materials noticeably depleted. While we are not currently at a concerning level of raw materials, it is starting to be concerning considering the rate at which they are being used. Are there any plans to expand our quarrying capacity in the foreseeable future?

On a related topic, I was able to find some good stone and metals in a cave to the north while helping Abbot Gregory find some of the friars collecting resources for the recent festivities. The area is a few days away by foot, making it potentially less than ideal, but I believe the area is also connected in some way to the tunnels of the Five Stripe Encampment since there was a rush of water while we were there and there have been reports that the Encampment redirected a torrent of water that came into the tunnel system. With there being an underground passageway, we may be able to establish some way to get to the area that is less exposed than traveling above ground and may be able to install some cart tracks to assist in transporting materials. Finding the route through the tunnel system could be challenging, but the potential rewards in good stone, metals, flower buds, and other materials that the friars were collecting may make it worth it.

Granite Masonson,
Stonemason Contractor.

Journey to the Rainbow Bridge

The springtime air was cool but humid as three small animals made their way toward a rushing river. The sounds of nearby insects were muted by the roar of the river as melted ice and recent rains swelled its banks. In the dappled morning light making its way through the canopy high above, the three could just make out the arch bridge that crossed it. Along the structure one could make out the ornamentation of mirrors and colored glass.

“We’re here!” One of the three animals, a skink named Nebuchadnezzar, skittered forward from the group to inspect it. His head turned back to the other two animals for just a moment before his attention jumped back, a wide smile on his face. “I’d like to spend the night here if you two are amenable. Tonight, we can mark it’s position by the stars and a compass. But, before that, I can look it over the during different lights and make some measurements to understand its weak spots and where beauty can be added. Oh, this is exciting!”

The other two animals, a chipmunk named Laramy and a mouse named Bocephalus, trekked forward to the water to clean off the sweat and dirt of the journey. As Laramy’s paws dipped into the babbling stream, she looked up at her companions as one slithered around a stone pillar, waving a piece of glass toward the sun as the other floated into the water, basking in the sunlight. According to the stories, the bridge was here because Bo had communed with nature and fish told him where it was safe to cross.

“And this is where you met the trout?”

Bo popped open an eye and smiled. “Well, actually we met him further down the river, but this is where he pointed us to the most stable stream bottom. I hope he got home to his wife on time, I’d hate to have made him late…”

Day passed to night and with it Laramy built a campfire for the group. Nebuchadnezzar slowly picked some notes on his guitar to the unwitting background accompaniment of croaking frogs. Mathematics and schematics were scribbled into the mud nearby. Memories of the road filled with snakes, sweat, and confusion seemed distant as they sat around the crackling fire. The skink cocked his head toward the chipmunk busying themself with keeping the fire alive and studied them for a second before speaking.

“Laramy, what moved you to undertake this expedition? What’s your tale?”

The chipmunk glanced around in confusion. “Me? I’m just a traveler, I suppose. I’ve been running around Darkheather ever since I left the nest.” She sat back to look up at the stars. “I never could manage to sit still. I still can’t, really. Drives me mad. But I’ve realized recently I’m better off if I’ve got people to go back to. When I heard about this Allhaven thing, I thought maybe I could make it a… home base, of sorts. I want to see what I can do to help it grow. And make sure it’s easy to get in and out of,” she added, then turned back to the skink. ”What about yourself?”

Nebuchadnezzar plucked a few notes on his guitar considering his quirky companion. “When the weasels came, the skinks left. Things were abandoned, people were lost. With the loss of those people was a loss to history. How can one know oneself without the living past?” His strumming notes of an amateur started to pick up in tempo to tocato. “When I saw what the mice had built, I was inspired. They have castles, and walls both of stone and smell, like magic! I want to build something to protect, not just our physical forms, but those ephemerals that make us who we are. This bridge is a first step; a shelter and support that can also inspire future dreams.” Shadows from the firelight danced along with the music for moments longer after he finished speaking. The music slowed and he cast his blue tail toward the mouse. “And you?”

Bo tucked away the map he had been drawing as he spoke. "Me? Well, I make my home in Ravensfield, but I’m not one for sitting around in one place much. I get sorta itchy, ya know? Especially in cities or towns. I mean… " Bo broke off to point toward sky and a thousand stars glittered back at him. The leaves caught the wind and rustled in agreement. In a whisper, he continued, “How can the lights of the town compare to those thousand starry pinpricks, all them diamonds shining down on us, watching generations of our kind aspire, triumph, and fail? Can’t see that under the canopy, no sir.”

“Here’s to that,” Laramy says, patting Bocephalus on the back. “I come from around Ravensfield myself. Beautiful place, and terribly kind people, yet here we are all the same.”

Nebuchadnezzar smiled and pulled out some dried crickets. “We don’t have a chef, but let’s mark our first step in a longer mission, as well as a first step in friendship."


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